We're more than 9 years old already, and we adore what we do so each product is full of our love & passion
Launched in 2014, IZBA rouge is a Moscow based brand of refined lounge and homewear for those who "feels-home-like" anytime at anyplace. IZBA rouge, trendy and contemporary clothing brand, and since its inception has easily built totally new tendency for Russian fashion market that is called "cozy chic".

By the first collection for Moscow fashionistas brand designers redeemed pajama style from boudoir slavery and bravely made it worn out on the town – in the offices, cafés or restaurants.

IZBA rouge philosophy is based on a fresh view on the created ultramodern and trendy style "pajama as a streetwear". The style has no clichés and prejudices, it makes a woman free of artificial bounds of the society and gives her a brilliant opportunity to express herself. Like many of happy IZBA rouge owners already did – for them the pajama style has become a new trendy look not only at home, but also in the offices, at the parties, important events and even while traveling.

IZBA rouge is the first brand in the world who has launched designer wool and cashmere pajamas & pajama suit which a so popular now.

Majority part of IZBA rouge garments are crafted and produced in-house in own design bureau located in Moscow, and only small part of IZBA rouge garments are sewn by Moscow-based high professional partners.

Italian and Russian fabrics are used for IZBA rouge production, and all garments are created and produced under IZBA rouge designers' strong control and resolute attention to details and final quality of garments.
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